Just another exercise 沒有題目的習作

Date: 15 May to 20 June 2010
Artists:John Choy 蔡旭威

This is not a project about trees, heritage, infra-red or whatsoever. This is not subject oriented. It started for fun as if I were a student shooting whatever attracting. I like being free; I like large format photography; I like infra-red film; I like to raise doubts; I like to be naive; and I like to refrain myself from seeking for a subject title and even an absolute answer. It is simply about what I like but not what I intend. And yet, it is for sure a lesson, a self indulgent and self exploratory photography lesson. Only a hypocrite would know it or understand it. I prefer not to be a hypocrite. It is after all about curiosity.

(John Choy 2010)

take the photo, I develop and scan the film, then edit and print it by myself. This is my best practice for authenticity in the middle of the digital era.

Life is short. I'm not immortal and I'm the 'limited edition’.




(蔡旭威 2010)


我就是「 limited edition 」。

About the artist

Currently a freelance photographer, John Choy was born in Hong Kong in 1966. He worked as a photographer for a series of local newspapers and magazines, as well as Information Services Department from 1989 to 2001. Choy is obsessed with the ‘unseen landscapes’ in the city, and documenting these by using experimental new techniques and forms of expression. He took part in group exhibitions including “Imaging Hong Kong: Contemporary Photography Exhibition” (2008), “Light and Shade: Life Passé in Old Estates Photo and Video Exhibition” (2009), “China Lianzhou International Photo Festival” (2009). Choy published a photography catalogue naming Hong Kong Photographers: John Choy in 2005 and Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate in 2010.

蔡旭威,1966年生於香港,現為自由攝影師。 蔡氏於1989年至2001年間曾先後於本港多家報館、雜誌社以及政府新聞處擔任攝影師。憑藉敏銳的觸覺,他擅於捕捉細節,發掘大城市鮮為人留意的角落和景觀;他喜愛探索及勇於嘗試不同的拍攝技巧及表達形式。 蔡旭威曾參與的展覽包括「影像香港當代攝影展」(2008)、「光影樓情—圖片及錄像展覽」(2009)以及 「連州國際攝影年展」(2009);攝影集有《香港攝影師系列:蔡旭威》(2005)及《牛頭角下村:蔡旭威》(2010)。